Overcoming the current limitations of our traffic models

Two types of contributions are welcomed. All will be reviewed before acceptance.

  • Extended abstract up to 4 pages. We are looking forward to receiving original contributions helping to identify and / or overcome the current limitations of traffic models:
    • Identifying the current lacks of the available models and proposing improvements;
    • Confronting data analysis and traffic models at all scales from micro (vehicular trajectories) up to the network (MFD-NFD based models);
    • Proposing ways to extend models beyond their current main scope: vehicular traffic, to encompass other modes sharing road space and new types of vehicles (connected and automated vehicles).
  • Classic paper oral presentation. The author, typically a PhD or a Post Doc, will in his or her proposal present shortly the paper and his / her motivations to select this paper regarding his / her current research subject. A papers list is provided, based on the TFTC papers with more than 100 citations, and on the first five ISTTT content. This list is provided for inspiration, but authors can propose a contribution on any other paper.
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